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Vademecum of EMI Music. Definition and examples of terms.

* Book free download through our web.

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Autor/esDaniel Roca - Emilio Molina

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* Book free download through our web. The musical Vademecum IEM is a set of definitions in alphabetical order and tries to be a useful tool in the service of teachers and students in conservatories and music schools at any level to handle books IEM methodology or want to explore specific aspects of music theory underlying our educational system, though surely many others will benefit from the clarity and simplicity with which they have this large number of concepts. The vast majority of concepts are illustrated with one or more examples, either in tabular or graphical explanatory and musical example itself. We searched the clearest examples, specific and generally applicable as possible. The intention is to clarify and enhance the textual definition.

The list of terms includes definitions of form, rhythm, harmony and melody. Not intended as an exhaustive list, nor cover the entire musical theory.

Our goal, quite the contrary, is to incorporate with time and experience new concepts and meanings, in addition to updating the existing content. Our focus is to condense the concepts that are more often needed to understand the analysis and explanations of the books published by Creative Enclave inside the seal "IEM methodology."

The Code Book review of the methodology Iem, recently published by Creative Enclave, as studies of Burgmüller and Bertini, incorporating direct references to this Handbook pointing with special typography concepts that may be defined thereunder. This will be the norm for all future issues of code that are analyzed in preparation or project.